Under the rainbow…

November 22nd, 2017

As we drove to the airport the other day Avery commented that she hoped we would see a rainbow. It wasn’t even really raining so I didn’t think much of it (nor did I expect to see one) – so imagine our surprise when we looked outside and saw this. A good travel omen for sure!


First birthday celebration

November 20th, 2017

She’s almost 11 – and she had her first birthday celebration the other night in Vegas…



November 18th, 2017

After our time in Carlsbad, we took a quick trip to Vegas (where Q had a work conference). Among our activities there: enjoying the gardens and fountains of Bellagio (where we stayed), exploring the Hershey store and hanging out with (or, more accurately, jumping on top of) Cousins Isaac and Dorothy.


Legoland, part II

November 16th, 2017

As mentioned, our Legoland trip was the biggest hit with Avery. She loved the miniature landmarks made of Legos (“This is so amazing!” she said when she first saw them), and she was also very into the Lego Friends section of the park. She even got to meet the “real” girls, and she proudly told me about one of them, “We were both wearing stars on our shirts! She told me that means we’re besties.”

I love that the innocence is still there!



November 14th, 2017

We were in Carlsbad for a family event over the weekend and decided to visit a place we’ve always talked about going: Legoland. The amusement park is quite pretty, and the statues and landmarks that are made with hundreds of thousands of Legos (including the Golden Gate Bridge, U.S. Capitol, etc.) are like pieces of art! The park is definitely geared towards younger kids, and I think Zoe may have aged out – but we all (and especially Avery) still had fun!


School check-in

November 12th, 2017

We had parent-teacher conferences last week, and they went as expected. Zoe is really happy with fifth grade and is doing well across subjects, especially in math, which has always been her fave, and Hebrew, which seems to be easier for her than in previous years. The school changed up the set-up this year, so all fifth-graders have the same teacher (one for science/tech/math and another for humanities) and rotate throughout the day; the idea is that they’ll be more ready for middle school next year, and Zoe seems to really like it.

Things are going well with Avery, too, and we’re most excited about her reading. While her sister has been a voracious reader since second grade or so, Avery has been slower to get into it. Something clicked at the start of this school year, though, and she’s now picking up books on her own and reading without being asked. Reading somehow went from being a chore to something super fun, and we couldn’t be happier!


Avery’s future?

November 10th, 2017

Frustrated by my request to do some cleaning, Avery recently declared: “When I grow up I’m going to have a maid. And I’m going to make my husband pay for it. And I’m going to just lounge around.”

The feminist in me cringed, but the mom in me had to laugh. Avery’s always coming up with doozies like this one!



November 8th, 2017

Speaking of cross country, Zoe’s season just ended. The Bay Area-wide championship happened last week, and she came in 33rd (and the 3rd fifth grader overall) out of about 200 girls. Her goal was 60th place, so she was happy with the results!


Athlete of the Month

November 6th, 2017

Look who was one of October’s Athletes of the Month at Brandeis. (She was nominated by her cross country coach, for shaving time off her mile since the start of the season).



Donut contest

November 4th, 2017

I mentioned a donut eating contest at a Halloween party we attended last weekend. Below is Avery in action; she didn’t win, but she gave it a good try!


Halloween fun

November 2nd, 2017

So another holiday has come and gone… On Tuesday afternoon, Avery and a friend trick-or-treated at the businesses in West Portal; then it was back to our house to give out lots and lots of candy. And on a sweet note: Zoe was invited to trick-or-treat with a friend but told me she preferred to hang out with us. Aww!! (But next year might be different, she warned me.)


Happy Halloween

October 31st, 2017

We look forward to this day every year. Happy Halloween, everyone!


Halloween party

October 30th, 2017

A classmate of Avery’s had a Halloween party on Saturday night, and there were lots of activities for the family: a haunted house, donut-eating contest, and cookie decorating. And luckily Zoe had friends there to play with, too.


Boo at the Zoo

October 29th, 2017

The last weekend before Halloween means lots of holiday-themed activities, and Saturday morning found us at the zoo for its annual event…


“I’m a city girl”

October 27th, 2017

At one of our Half Moon Bay stops over the weekend we spotted a pony grazing near where we parked. Q took Avery over to take a closer look and, after catching the smell of manure, I heard her call out with displeasure, “Yuck. I’m a city girl.”